All our products have been created with the input and development from professional coaches and clubs. They have been specifically designed to develop a range of attributes in a footballer’s skill set.

Using LED lighting and vibration sensors to create targets, our systems can track successful and unsuccessful hits, and send this data to the scoreboard – to provide a competitive element to training. All data is also stored and tracked via the web interface – so players and coaches can review statistics and monitor improvement.

Our high-grade aluminium panels, which are non-corrosive, can withstand millions of ball touches. Each product is fully weatherproof and is designed to be portable.

As well as being professional equipment implemented into a number of clubs, our products have real benefits as a marketing and fan engagement tool. Because of the gamification aspect, our products provide a fun and immersive experience for players of all abilities to enjoy playing football in a confined space. The arenas come complete with a live leaderboard function enabling competition’s and the ability to track daily usage. 

As ever we are eager to develop our range further with the assistance of professionals. With this in mind, we do offer a bespoke service to tailor our models to prospective clients. We can tailor the specification of any model to suit client needs. Essentially panels can be of any height and targets of any size to create an innovative training experience.


Alongside this, colours and graphic design of each model is fully customisable. Currently our football products are split into three types of training equipment. To find out more about our specific products click on the photos below.


ESA pride ourselves on being a fast-paced innovative company who always look to create ground-breaking products with the best technology for our clients. This includes the creation of some prototype models which can seen by clicking the link below.

For more information on our range and further details of our individual products, and their benefits, see our product brochure below. 

Previously we have designed our light technology around a clients demands and we are always looking to be innovative and create new products. To find out more about the ESA product range or if you have any general enquiries about our equipment, contact us by hitting the button below.


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