At ESA we provide an innovative range of training arenas designed to improve sports performance.​ Our main focus is football and we work with everyone from major professional clubs and academies, to training centres and facilities and large companies for activations.

Essentially, using our arenas, players get more touches of the ball in less time, accelerating their development in core attributes. To date our products have been used over 850,000 times worldwide, across 6 continents.​ All ESA products utilise state-of-the-art LED light and vibration technology and are based around the mantra of repetition.



Our Journey Brochure provides a photographic time-line of Elite Skills Arena’s development, from the initial concept back in 2014 (Chapter 1), to the current day and our most successful sales period (Chapter 5). Since the company was incorporated, our team have devoted thousands of hours with a range of professionals to design, create, manufacture, market and sell the highest quality football training products. 

To view or download a digital version of the brochure then please hit the link below. We hope you enjoy the illustrated journey of Elite Skills Arena over the past 6 years.