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Football, often referred to as "The Beautiful Game," requires a combination of skill, strategy, and athleticism. Success in football relies on consistent training and the right equipment. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro, having the right gear is crucial to improve your game. In this article, we'll explore the essential equipment used in football training.

Footballer dribbling through cones


The most fundamental piece of equipment in football training is, of course, the football itself. High-quality footballs are made of leather or synthetic materials and come in various sizes, typically ranging from size 3 to size 5. It's essential to choose a ball that suits your age and skill level, as well as the specific purpose of your training, be it dribbling, passing, or shooting.


If you have access to a pitch, setting up goalposts and nets is essential for training, particularly for strikers with shooting practice. Goalposts are typically made of metal or PVC, and nets are attached to the back to catch the ball. They help improve accuracy and precision when shooting or crossing the ball.

Also, mannequins are invaluable in football training, simulating defenders in dead ball situations such as Free Kicks for players to shoot over. Free kick practice is essential for fine-tuning a player's ability to deliver precision and power in these set-piece opportunities. Mannequins are also used to determine opposition players during patterns of play, where the attacking team can work on certain passing routines they want to replicate in a match.

Football circuit drill with mannequins and goals


Cones, markers and poles are versatile training tools that can be used for a variety of drills. They are crucial for setting up dribbling courses, agility exercises, and defining playing areas. These small, lightweight objects are affordable and easy to transport.

To improve your speed, agility, and coordination, you may need additional equipment such as speed ladders, agility hurdles, and cone sets. These tools are crucial for enhancing your footwork and overall mobility on the pitch.

Footballer jumping over hurdles


Training bibs, also known as pinnies, are essential for separating teams during practice matches and drills. They come in different colours to help distinguish players easily. They join a long list of items players should think about during training sessions, for instance picking the right boots, shin pads and apparel will all influence player performance.


Lastly, there are now a handful of tech items professional clubs/players use to enhance their training. There is wearable tech, such as GPS monitors, which give coaches valuable data on a players’ physical state and other performance led tech which allows players to improve key fundamental skills, all whilst tracking their benchmark scores and overall improvements.

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Football player passing around the ICON

Footballer receiving a pass


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