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The ICON has already provided a positive impact on developing players attributes, creating a practice culture and providing endless touches of the ball in a short period of time. But now we have an arena which surpasses anything before, the ICON Version 2.


Through feedback from professional coaches and players, we have developed new technologies to take the ICON to the next level. New features such as a beam breaker, which is triggered by player or ball movement, and touch panels for pressing when possession is lost, have been installed to maximise training benefits.


There are also smaller panels testing accuracy, and panels at a further distance from the centre to challenge different ranges of passing. The ICON V2 arena incorporates a number of new training modes to make this experience even more realistic and relevant to game situations.

If you want to be one of the first people in the world to experience the ICON V2 please enquire now. Also for any further information on pricing and additional specifications hit the button below.  

Beam Breaker