Our ICON Spectrum model, has been pioneered to bridge the gap between professional and grass roots training. It maintains the unique circular design, behind the success of the ICON, however the lights are replaced with a voice control system. 

The Spectrum arena combines with an easy to use mobile application which uses voice control to create the same range of training modes used by professionals in the ICON arena. Such as the popular King of the Ring and Pass Finder. Other new training modes such as football tennis are also available. Using the app players can change the speed and difficulty of each game as well as the time limit. Once the game is finished you can record and post scores on the Spectrum leaderboard. 

The Spectrum is a fun, competitive and challenging alternative to the ICON, and develops players on many of the same attributes, such as passing, first touch, awareness, general fitness and ball control.

The Spectrum comes in two standard sizes, 4 metre and 6 metre, both with various benefits for different age and abilities. They can feature bespoke design to suit a clients needs and are customisable for a users benefit. 

For purchase and lease enquiries or any more general information on the ICON Spectrum, hit the button below.


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