The Shot Stopper is one of our latest products, featuring some of our latest technology. It has been built with Beam Breakers, which detect a players movement and LED-lighting, which acts as targets for the players to break. The Shot Stopper has been designed to test a players reactions and speed to break the LED-light beam before it reaches its destination. If the player is successful the beam will turn green, but if they are too slow the beam will turn red, symbolising the ball ending up in the goalkeepers net. The beam can be set to any speed to cater for the different skill levels.

Although created to improve a goalkeepers attributes, the Shot Stopper has many benefits which would improve any players' general ability. Speed, agility and reactions are all skills players need wherever they play on a football pitch and the Shot Stopper will test you on those specifics and much more.


Currently the Shot Stopper comes in two sizes. The standard Shot Stopper is the height of a 6-a-side goal and we also have our Shot Stopper Pro, which is the height of a full sized goal.

Like all of our products we able to customise certain aspects of the Shot Stopper, whether this be a design requirement or just to keep within certain brand guidelines. To enquire about the purchasing or leasing of the Shot Stopper and any other general enquiries about the product, please hit the button below. 


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