All of the technology of the ICON,
but a quarter of its size.

Although the circle is broken, the repetition effect remains with the ICON Q, as do all of the technical improvements from owning an ICON. Containing many of the same exercises as the ICON, the Q allows coaches to create their own drills, incorporating the Q into regular training sessions.

Ideal for academies and training centres, the Q is very easy to move between locations. It’s also a great introductory product, and an ICON Q can be upgraded to a full sized ICON at a later date.



The ICON Q features LED lighting and vibration sensing, pre-programmed in training exercises to create targets for players to hit. Our technology accurately tracks successful and unsuccessful hits and sends score data to the scoreboard.


Players and coaches can track player progress on the ICON Q, with statistics including high-scores and passing accuracy stored on the ESA database. Alongside this, clients also have the opportunity to display live leaderboards at events to create competitions.


The ICON Q can be set up in less than 10 minutes, requiring no specialist equipment. The product has been designed and built to function in all weathers, and can be left continuously outside if required. The Q has a battery and power supply to run all day.


Unlike our other ICON range products, the ICON Q is not circular. This enables coaches and players to use the arena within their standard training exercises. So whether the Q is used on its own as a training tool, as an assisting player in a shooting exercise or even just to start the phase of a team drill, it adds technology into traditional practise.



Similar to the ICON, the ICON Q has several different innovative training modes designed by professional coaches to develop players. Because the Q is not enclosed, multiple players can play at the same time in team exercises, and coaches can also incorporate other equipment or elements of their training session to include hitting targets on the ICON Q. This concept has proved popular with shooting exercises.

ICON Q (4 Panel)
ICON Q (4 Panel)

Liverpool & England's Adam Lallana training in the ICON Q.

ICON Q (4 Panel)
ICON Q (4 Panel)

The ICON Q is portable, battery powered and weatherproof.

ICON Q (4 Panel)
ICON Q (4 Panel)

Adding data and in-depth analysis to all stages of the game from youth football to professionals.

ICON Q (4 Panel)
ICON Q (4 Panel)

Liverpool & England's Adam Lallana training in the ICON Q.



Our products are professionally packaged and delivered right to your door. 


We offer various payment options, including payment plans and finance*, subject to status.

All customers receive our support network, with installation guidance and product guarantee.


THE ICON Q WOULD be great inside academies as players can practise essentials, gain advanced data from using the Q and develop as a result.

The ICON Q is a great product for anyone wanting to learn all the basics of the sport. Vision, weight of pass, touch, are all technical things you need to be good at and the Q provides you with endless opportunities to train. It would be great inside academies as players can practise these essentials, gain advanced data from using the ICON Q and develop as a result.

Adam LALLANA, Liverpool Football Club



Our transport bags are ideal for clients looking to transport their ICON Q between various locations.


An aluminium ramp, increasing the difficulty of training, with the ball rebounding to the player at different heights.


A range of additional parts to decrease the impact of any issues that arise, and to increase the speed of any maintenance required.


Although all of our products can be installed by our customers, and we provide telephone & video support, we do offer an optional installation service.

Design your ICON Q
As standard, clients can pick one of our standard colours as the base of the aluminium panels and choose between either matte or gloss paint. We can also add your branding in vinyl onto the ICON Q to create your desired look. Our marketing team will take you through each step of your design process, working on your concepts before creating a final design.
All of our products' prices includes a standard design. We can, however, go into further detail to suit more specific needs, including a certain brand colour or required aspect you may need. Advanced designs will have an additional cost subject to the requirements.


If you are interested in purchasing or renting an ICON Q then please enquire below. Finance is available and we also offer payment plans, subject to status. You can also enquire below for more information, just simply write an email with your questions and one of our team will get back to you and assist where possible.