Our new prototype, the Keeper, is our first steps into goalkeeper training using the ESA technology. The goalkeeper will need to stay alert at all times and make game decisive saves in a fast-paced training drill. Saves are represented by several of our LED-light targets which a goalkeeper must react too quickly and knock-out before the prototype scores past them.

The Keeper includes our Beam Breaker technology, acting as a fast incoming shot which the goalkeeper must tip over the bar. The shot is shown by a purple moving light and if the goalkeeper makes the save and breaks the beam it will go green. However, if the goalkeeper is too slow and misses the shot, the product will score against you and a red light is shown.

Other features include foot saves and positional training, making the Keeper a truly unique and effective way of developing any shot stopper. 


This prototype tests reactions, agility and positioning, and can be incorporated within several other traditional goalkeeper training drills.


More information about the product will come with development, but if you have any questions about the prototype than please enquire below.

Please note all products above are prototype models and are not in production yet. However we will know rough prices for each model and have more information on any prototype that you may need. We pride ourselves on our innovation and if you have any ideas, which need our technology to become a reality, we would love to hear them.