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Utilising the state of the art vibration technology, the Precision Range provides advanced performance training in both individual and team settings. The Precision Range includes the Precision Wall, a full-sized goal with 28 targets and the Precision Goal, a smaller handball/6-a-side goal with 9 targets.

Creating a variety of challenging shooting drills, the Precision Wall is designed to develop attacking attributes. Scoring points rewards accuracy and can provide much needed score feedback to players and coaches – unlike a traditional goal. The Precision Wall is the perfect tool for training set-pieces, with results from drills being measurable for analysis. Whether you want to become the next Beckham, train team set-plays or handle pressurised penalties, the Precision Wall is the ideal tool for players to improve their performance.

The Precision Goal, which can be incorporated with a goal frame and net in front, is suited for shooting practice, small sided matches and other sports which feature a small goal like handball or hockey. The smaller goal is perfect for soccer centres and facilities. Two Precision Goal's linked together within a pitch creates an interactive Pitch to provide a more exciting and innovative concept for 6-a-side football. The concept is a fast-paced action match with points rewarded for hitting different parts of the goal, and exciting features to keep players enthused.

Our Precision Range is the future for small sided football games and is the most advanced shooting training aid in the world with the capability to feed performance back to the player.

Like all of our products we able to customise certain aspects of the arena, whether this be a design requirement or just to keep within certain brand guidelines. To enquire about the purchasing or leasing of the Precision Wall and any other general enquiries about the product, please hit the button below. 

Adidas Bespoke Precision Goal