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The #esaICON at the Southampton vs Newcastle United Premier League match.
The ICON was used over hundred times before the match by a wide range of ages

ESA partnered with Southampton FC, before their Premier League match against Newcastle United, by providing one of our state-of-the-art ICON's for fans of both clubs to take on our Maestro challenge. The challenge involved fans taking on our elite players' high-scores in an intense 30-second experience, and the challenge is set to feature outside more grounds and at other events in the near future.

There were some great scores made by players from all ages, from 3 years old to 60 years old, and we had a great participation from both males and females. Although some of our Pro's scores were beat, no one managed to get near Cristiano Ronaldo's high-score and knock him off top spot.

Fans from both football clubs got involved with the challenge

Southampton used one of our ICON 4m's for the day and played Maestro, a mode where players receive 3 points for hitting a green, 1 point for hitting a yellow and -1 for hitting a red. The top five scores from the day were all very impressive, considering the shorter game duration and the highest score was a whopping 72 points.

Supporters seemed to enjoy the workout as part of the overall match day experience and some players were averaging more passes in their 30-seconds than they would in a 90-minute match. There will be much more of the Maestro Challenge to follow on our events page or you can contact us to see how you can get involved and take on the challenge yourself.

Even Sammy the Saint took on the Maestro Challenge


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