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From the initial development of the ICON in 2016, we have been able to create further innovative products for football. At present, we have developed three further models and adaptations to suit specific needs in the market. We now have products available for all levels of the football pyramid from grass roots to professional. These adaptations, alongside our flagship product the ICON, make up our ICON Range.


ICON – A 360-degree arena developed with the mantra of ‘Repetition – Accelerates – Performance’. Our most popular product with professional clubs. ICON arenas can be stacked to create the ICON Legacy. The product ranges in size from 4M to 12M in diameter.

ICON Q – All the technology of the ICON, but a quarter of its size - more accessible and easier to transport. Aimed at grass roots football.


ICON Fast Feet – Essentially a ‘mini ICON’, the circular Fast Feet has been aimed at maximising small spaces. This includes retail shops, events and marketing activities. The Fast Feet is 2.5M in diameter.


ICON V2 – Our ICON V2 was a new development from the original product featuring four new training panels, including a press panel. It has been designed so customers can purchase the extra panels to add onto their ICON, adding additional game realistic elements.


The ICON Range is ESA’s biggest product range and we have spent 3 years perfecting each product to suit footballs many environments. Below you can find out more about each of the products by clicking learn more.

 Our flagship training arena, used by elite professionals across the globe and some of the world's largest companies. 

The ICON Q has been created for individual coaches and academies who require something portable, easy to transport and ​highly affective for players at all ages.

Our smallest and most intense football training aid yet. At just 2.5m diameter, the Fast Feet will test your reactions, awareness and speed. 

 Through feedback from professional coaches and players, we have developed new technologies to take the ICON to the next level, the ICON Version 2. 

Previously we have designed our light technology around a clients demands and we are always looking to be innovative and create new products. To find out more about the ICON product range or if you have any general enquiries about our equipment, contact us by hitting the button below.