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Our flagship training arena, used by elite professionals across the globe. It’s circular design generates a repetition effect producing the same amount of touches in a minute as you would attain in a 90-minute match. The ICON provides a competitive environment for players to challenge themselves, working on a whole range of technical and physical attributes. 

At present the ICON has 12 innovative training modes, some single player and some multi-player specifically created to improve technical ability. It is available in sizes from 4M to 12M. 

The standard ICON can be modified into a stacked version called the ICON Legacy. The Legacy has 96 targets and incorporates four levels of individual ICON’s. 

Its high sides provide players with the opportunity to play a whole new range of training modes as well as a new explosive sport, ‘Liftball’, a hybrid version of squash and football tennis.

Like all of our products we able to customise certain aspects of the arena, whether this be a design requirement or just to keep within certain brand guidelines. To enquire about the purchasing or leasing of the ICON and any other general enquiries about the product, please hit the button below. 

Sol Campbell in the ICON