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ICON fast feet

The ICON Fast Feet is a new ‘mini’ ICON concept, measuring at just 2.5 metres in diameter.  


This arena has been designed for several purposes. Mainly from a retail, events and activation point of view. The Fast Feet takes up minimal space but provides a truly unique experience for consumers to interact with a brand. All the full features of the ICON such as the leaderboard and database are included in the Fast Feet package.


The product also has training benefits as well, Intended to provide more concentrated individual training. With its circular design, players using the Fast Feet can get up to 100 meaningful touches of the ball in one minute. The Fast Feet arena combines with the ESA interface to create the same range of training modes, used by professionals in the full-size ICON arena. For older players it’s a fantastic warm up routine, and for young aspiring footballers a great tool to increase their awareness and ball manipulation.


Perspex sides or netting to prevent the ball from leaving the arena are an optional extra. But add a greater wow-factor. The Fast Feet can also be branded to client specifications.

Like all of our products we able to customise certain aspects of the arena, whether this be a design requirement or just to keep within certain brand guidelines. To enquire about the purchasing or leasing of the ICON Fast Feet and any other general enquiries about the product, please hit the button below.