In more recent times, a growing number of our customers have been using our products for training centres/facilities across the world. These centres have mainly revolved around using the products to improve players but there have also been cases where the products have been used for their entertainment and gamification aspects. 

Seeing the success of customers using our products for these purposes, and the amount of times our products were being used in these centre environments, we decided to set up our own training hub featuring ESA products. We were delighted to open the world’s first Technical Football Centre in October 2019.


 The Technical Football Centre (TFC) is an advanced football facility where players of all ages and abilities can improve their skills in an interactive environment. The centre incorporates our state-of-the-art training equipment which is used by some of the biggest football clubs in the world. TFC features 12 different training zones, consisting of products from our product range, the world’s first Smart Pitch and our ESA Hunter Game App.

Other than the Technical Football Centre, there are currently 23 ESA Certified Centres in a number of different countries ranging from the United States to Sweden and Egypt. Each house their own unique set-up and floor plan, where the general public can experience several of the products from the ICON, Wall and Wireless ranges'. 



If you are interested in creating your own centre with our products, ESA’s dedicated team will help you put together your unique concept. We will recommend to you the best and most popular products from our range to suit your needs and maximise your space. 

We can also talk you through ideas as to how to operate the products and explore their functionality, whether that be done through our Smart Card or Interface options.


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